Almaci: “Will The Weaver benefit of the doubt”


Almaci: ‘Willen De Wever voordeel van de twijfel geven’

On the Antwerp city council will Monday evening, be clear how substantial the difference is between Green and N-VA. ‘N-VA must the action to the word, add’, emphasises Green-president Meyrem Almaci.

“The water is very deep, but we want The Weaver the benefit of the doubt to give,” says Almaci in The Morning on Radio 1. As a ‘test case’ for the good-will of the N-VA, explains Green two symbooldossiers, about a car-free centre and social housing, table in the municipal council.

‘That proposals to approve a letter of intent from N-VA, stresses Almaci. According to her, is clear not only how deep the water is between the two parties, but also, or N-VA, its own promise stays true. The party declared for the elections namely to be in favor of a car-free town. ‘Keep the party’s word? If the proposals are voted down, that is a very strange way of doing politics. It is then much more difficult to reconcile.’

N-VA-big shot Annick De Ridder called the proposals of Green in the Antwerp city council Sunday ” especially a small interesting performance follows’. “It is now a city council in current affairs. It is not that city council is now making important decisions for the future, ” said the Knight in The Seventh Day. “Not that it is not a major theme, but we go that is not in current business decisions.’

‘De Clercq has asked victorie crow’

Green-president Almaci stressed in The Morning that Green ‘do not jump for the power’, but to ‘important things to realise’.

They also came back on the negotiations in Ghent and Ostend. The progressive party is specifically not profiling as cynical. ‘De Clercq (Open VLD, ed.) has to early victory crowed. Then you come in the problems. Our preference had always been purple-green. With Filip Watteeuw as mayor. But we’ll see how we land. We particularly want to look at how we ideas the best can turn into policy.”

About Ostend wanted to Almaci not much lost: ‘we want to with Wouter De Vriendt go for purple-green, but the blockade is complete. Let us hope that the consultation serener allowed to expire, than was the case.’ She points explicitly to the two major personalities in the Queen of seaside Resorts: current mayor Johan Vande Lanotte (SP.(A), and the big winner of the elections, Bart Tommelein (Open VLD).