AA Gent book a resounding victory on the field of KV Oostende


AA Gent boekt klinkende zege op veld van KV Oostende

AA Gent has his first match under new coach Jess Thorup with a lot of force majeure won on the field of KV Oostende: 0-4. By the victory, the Buffalo together with STVV on the sixth place.

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KV Oostende

AA Gent

Jess Thorup surprised hardly with his formation in his first match as coach of AA Gent. Kalinic and Bronn were not wedstrijdfit, which Thoelen again in goal stood and Souquet in addition to the duo Plastun-Rosted in the back. At KV Oostende chose trainer Gert Verheyen for Laurens De Bock and Sindrit Guri in the base.

It was the home team who are in the early stages most of the initiative on the day, but after barely ten minutes came the openingsoffensiefje all to a halt. KV Oostende midfielder Jordi Brown off the ball and came up with his foot and unhappy on top of Gent midfielder Birger Verstraete, which only saw dubbelplooien. Verstraete had the field to be paid with the fear of a severe injury in mind.

Deviated ball set Buffalo’s on the right track

Oddly enough it was the KV Oostende which is most of the battle seemed by that stage. The Buffalo smoking their chance and came steadily up – and that resulted after 17 minutes in the 0-1 of Stallone Limbombe. His shot from a sharp angle was by defender Zarko Tomasevic beyond a stray goalkeeper Ondoa gedevieerd. The Kustboys had to after the delay to respond, but the visitors from Ghent remained through Giorgi Chakvetadze threaten. However, there was still a nice chance to equalize from the air after a surprising solo from Brown, but Sander Coopman saw his slider allowed to creep in.

There was a goal in the air and it was the Buffalo that were allowed to celebrate. Souquet was the first to a dropping ball and gave good, Roman Yaremchuk nodded hard. AA Gent had the sheet permanently to pull, and just went on his elan after the rest. It was a half eenrichtingsvoetbal against a home team that the cups hung. Any time: Vadis Odjidja that just as fellow midfielder Birger Verstraete injured had to be replaced.

AA Gent pushes through

A unleashed Chakvetadze retired, however, but little of it. The Georgian went away with a dramatic back-pass from Fernando Canesin and kicked simple the 0-3 against the nets. Then had the score still easily much higher up, but Yaremchuk missed incomprehensible only for the purpose and goal of the Limbombe was disallowed for offside. In the slot got Limbombe his second goal, when Ondoa a shot over Chakvetadze could not clamps.

The victory comes AA Gent together with STVV on the sixth place. KV Oostende remains ninth.