Tom Van Damme: “Decision about the new coach about two to three weeks”


Tom Van Damme: “Beslissing over nieuwe bondscoach valt over twee à drie weken”

The Royal Belgian cycling federation (KBWB) is arguing that even in november a decision will fall on the new coach. “I see us two and in the last three weeks come to a decision,” he said back, Tom Van Damme Sunday in the margin of the UCI gala in the Chinese Guangxi.

Tom Van Damme is currently present in the Round of Guangxi. “There is no hurry in your search for a new coach”, he told the UCI gala. “All we are trying to quickly find a solution to the promises because there are still a lot of preparatory work is in the winter, for the men elite, the quest is less imperative because the first major appointment until the european championships, though that is not the way that we have plenty of work to do. I feel strongly that we in the next two to three weeks we find that a conclusion will come. There are a lot of candidatures received, in the bond or directly to myself. I’ve passed on to our technical director Frederik Broché. He is now fully engaged with the conversations and will make a proposal. Then follows a decision.”

Two coaches

More and more is, therefore, clear that for perhaps the piste is chosen for two coaches to indicate, one for the promises and one for the elite men. “Well, Frederick will be with a number of runs to come to the front: either a beloftencoach only, maybe both together, maybe a part of the solution is internally developed. That should all still be discussed and decided. But a decision about the global picture and the distribution will not have long to wait for.”

“Look, I am very grateful for what Kevin De Weert over the past few years has meant for our national team. I have no criticism of his departure. He has been given many opportunities to join with us to prove and I look gratefully back. We knew that the possibility existed that he would disappear and we had already thought about how we that departure would solve. Sven Vanthourenhout, for example, has done a very good job with the promises in the world CHAMPIONSHIP and it is now up to the technical staff with Frederik on the head that should determine how we go further in the coming years.”

From inquiries at a number of Belgian riders over the last few weeks reigns yet the concern that there preferably is selected for ‘young blood’, someone who is still with his foot in the cycling and in touch with the cycling of today. “There, I enter on the premises of Frederick”, wanted Van Damme to speak briefly about it. “He knows that message perfectly and will also take into account. There will be thought and how we need to address, but I think on my pulse for the past few years is chosen for rejuvenation at the coaches. And I’m still behind, which is not to say that an older coach would be excluded as a piste, but I do believe in young forces who themselves want to prove and verve and dynamism into the national team.”