Three mushroom pickers caught in the act


Drie paddenstoelenplukkers op heterdaad betrapt

The police Saturday in Berendrecht three mushroom pickers caught. They already had a good supply of picked. Wild mushrooms picking is prohibited.

The police noticed a person in the forest, between the thickets of mushrooms to pick. It went to kastanjeboleten.

The woman was asked to prove that mushrooms could pick it, but she could not. She was also informed that a report would follow and that they had to leave. Then she admitted that her friend and mother what away to get started too.

The police found ultimately several full buckets in the woods, good for about 8 kilogram, to about 200 mushrooms. That would be about 400 euro can muster.

The mushrooms and the material that the accused persons used to pick them are seized.

The three suspects have all the Polish nationality and reside in the Netherlands near Den Haag. It comes to a torque of 49 years and a woman of 74 years.