Russians warn Trump about to blow up nuclear deal: ‘Very dangerous step’


Russen waarschuwen Trump over opblazen nucleaire deal: 'Zeer gevaarlijke stap'

Russian military exercises in 2017.

Russia threatens “retaliatory measures” if the United States nuclear agreement, after the Cold War unilaterally terminate.

If the United States is daadwerklijk to withdraw from the treaty on nuclear weapons with Russia, as president, Donald Trump yesterday announced, threatens Russia with a “military-technical” response. The Russian deputy minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Rjabkov declared to the Russian staatspersagentschap TASS that the blowing up of the agreement a ‘very dangerous step’ would be. “I am sure that the international community will not understand and even will sharply condemn.’

The escalation had not long to wait for, after the communication of president Trump Saturday. Trump will find that the Russians, the treaty of 1987 on their boot rags. “We are going to give them the nuclear agreement was not allow to violate them weapons to produce, while that for us is not admitted. We, we have come to the agreement held. But Russia has unfortunately not done, ” says Trump.

It comes to the INF, Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty. Nuclear weapons with a range of up to 5,500 km are restricted. It was signed by then-presidents Ronald Reagan and Mikhaïl Gorbachev.

Rjabkov says that the treaty ‘is important for international security and nuclear safety, ” and that it allows for ‘strategic stability’. He warned the United States that if they are ‘awkward and rude’ to remain worn by international treaties, to withdraw, ” we have no other choice than reciprocating, to take measures, including military-technical level.’ He added that Russia will not let blackmail to get concessions in other areas to do so.

Also internationally, the start of reactions. The British minister of Defence, Gavin Williamson, says that his country is fully behind the United States. The Russians, according to Williamson a something to do with the treaty.

In Germany, sounds a very different sound. There says minister of Foreign Affairs, Heiko Maas, that the treaty is a cornerstone of the European security architecture. “We urge the United States to take into account the possible consequences.”