Police will send about 7,000 persons sms to moordonderzoek forward to help


Politie stuurt 7.000 personen sms om moordonderzoek vooruit te helpen

The public prosecutor of the province of Limburg has Saturday afternoon a text message sent to about 7000 people who may provide information in the framework of the investigation into the murder of Gerty Vanhoef (61). Such question to the witnesses is not often used.

About 7000 persons were between 13.00 and 14.00 hours Saturday afternoon a text message from the federal judicial police. The message is specifically addressed to people who, on 28 August in the vicinity of the Damiaanhoeve, in the province of Elen. ‘Police: appeal for witnesses Murder Damiaanhoeve to Elen 28/8/2018 between 1810 and 1845’, is there to read. The thousands of recipients is requested by ‘suspicious elements’ to report.

The sms is part of the investigation into the murder of Gerty Vanhoef, reports parketwoordvoerder Dorien Vanderheiden. ‘It comes to about 7000 persons who on the appointed evening were in the area of the cell towers (near the Damiaanhoeve, ed.). It is a general call for information from witnesses.”

On 28 August there was a fire in the Elense Damiaanhoeve. The body of the 61-year-old resident Gerty Verhoef was found. What initially seemed like a fatal death by a woningbrand turned out to be murder to have been. From the autopsy it appeared that the woman before the outbreak of the fire, by knife wounds to the life, came while her husband in the garden worked. Then was the house in flames.

‘Words we have not’

In september, the parquet already a call through the media in the hope of finding witnesses. That resulted in a dozen tips, but it led not to a suspect. “We stay behind with 1.001 questions,” wrote Gerty’s eldest daughter, Each earlier on her Facebook page. ‘Words, we have not. The sadness and the regret is huge. What we will, our dearest mum of the world to miss.’