Oostende remains undefeated, and should Antwerp Giants first defeat


Oostende blijft ongeslagen en dient Antwerp Giants eerste nederlaag toe

Ostend, for the first time in full this season, remain unbeaten in the Belgian league and recorded against Antwerp Giants a fourth consecutive victory: 88-63. For the Inhabitants, who have their second party in the EuroMillions League afwerkten, it was the first defeat.

The first quarter was in Antwerp tinted. After a study tour through Djordjevic (9-7) names the Inhabitants the initiative, including two bombs from Sanders. A 18-23 bonus for the Giants after the first quarter was a nervous party expanded to a 29-37 bonus. Dispossessions and bad options when the Giants gave Ostend, however, the chance to work with a remonte.

Novice T. J Williams was well again relieved by Djordjevic and through Lasisi and Djurisic milderde Ostend after a 8-2 tussenspurt to a 37-39 backlog halfway. In the third quarter were the Antwerp Giants, completely defeated. Kesteloot rolled first Vanwijn and Tate, scored ten points in the third quarter and was the driving force behind the 51-45 lead. The kustploeg was also strong defensively, and the Giants made offensive nothing ready. There was no organization to the Inhabitants, who are too egocentric to play. Ostend had known hunger and had quartz and over again Williams a 66-51 bonus in the bag.

In the slotkwart brought Williiams at 76-54 fast with the twenties on the scoreboard. The “winner” between a, in the second half superior to Ostend, and a weak Antwerp Giants lay in a final fold. Especially Fieler and Williams loodsten in a redundant slot the kustploeg to clear a profit.

Man of the Match: TJ Williams 19 points, 3 rebouns, 4 assists

Oostende: (32 on 64 shots, including 7 on 19 triples, 17 to 21 vrijworpen and 17 errors) DJORDJEVIC 10 – 0, LASISI 6-4, KESTELOOT 2-10, FIELER 0-17, DESIRON 2-2, TJ Williams 6-13, Lambrecht 0-0, Schwartz 0-3, Mwema 3-0 , Maric 2-0, Djurisic 6-2,

Antwerp Giants: (19 of 57 shots, including 8 of 27 triples, 17 to 23 vrijworpen and 21 errors) LEE 5-2, KALINOSKI 6-0, VANWIJN 2-9, TATE 3-8, DUDZINSKI 6-0, Donkor 0-0, Sanders 8-1, Blades 3-0, The Knight 0-0, Akyazili 0-2, Bako 6-2