Forza Ninove is looking for majority


Forza Ninove gaat zelf op zoek naar meerderheid

Flemish Interest-member of parliament Guy D’haeseleer prepares in Ninove the negotiations for a bestuursmeerderheid on the leg. ‘The voter has a clear preference, and I hope that I’m there for January from berserk.”

D’haeseleer got as party leader of Forza Ninove last Sunday, 40 percent of the votes in Ninove, accounted for 15 of the 33 seats. As a Vlaams Belanger is, however, very difficult to get a workable majority on the leg to get in Ninove. Certainly after the election night itself was still Facebookposts of D’haeseleer up with a racist slant.

N-VA was, with two seats, the perfect coalition partner for D’haeseleer, but chairman Bart De Wever left Sunday night, after seeing the controversial Facebookpost, know right away that the chance of a cooperation in Ninove ‘sub-zero’ was. After a few days of uncertainty, let N-VA Ninove officially know that it is not in a coalition with Forza Ninove will steps and even resolutely the opposition choose.

‘Take responsibility’

This seems to be a coalition without Forza Ninove excluded. The other two parties, Open VLD and, Together, took, respectively, 9 and 7 seats, and are therefore not a majority. The only workable majority will be so one with Forza Ninove, and D’haeseleer confirms to The Newspaper Online that he calls before preparing. “I have no concrete negotiations started, but ben who does the preparing, confirms D’haeseleer.

“But I want that in all discretion. I hope that by January 1, a new municipal council. That means I have until the end of december so by then a lot can happen.’

Guy with that 40 percent, a clear signal is received from the voter. He takes his responsibility’, also confirmed Vlaams belang-president Tom Van Grieken on The Seventh Day. On the question of which parties are in negotiations, wished the Greeks will not continue to go. “That is the best way to the success of the calls right on to blow.’

“Nothing with Open VLD’

Also D’haeseleer does not want to continue in his cards to look at. “But you understand that with the cooperation of the left Together totally implausible. I’m going to my voters are not deceived by them to go together.’

The chance that a majority of comes with the Open VLD, the current mayor Tania Young, however, seems also small. Bart Somers Open VLD-the mayor of Mechelen, repeated during The Seventh Day again that his party, under any circumstances, somewhere in Flanders, together with Flemish Interest. “Oh, I call Bart Somers on to interfere in Mechelen, and not on behalf of the Ninovieters to talk. Who have Sunday clear their preference to remain. Somers, democracy must respect.’

Flemish Mp Annick De Ridder repeated that its N-VA only from the opposition on the Road city council file per file you want to see whether they could support any minderheidsbestuur of Forza Ninove. “But let D’haeseleer now first thing, just do it. We are in Ninove punished, and choose a firm and clear for the opposition. But we want to Ninove is not ungovernable.’