Former journalist Hugo de Ridder (86) death


Oud-journalist Hugo de Ridder (86) overleden

Former political journalist at The Standard Hugo the Knight died. The Knight was 86 and is best known as an investigative journalist and author of the book ‘The stones of the Rue de la loi’.

The Knight is no less than an icon of the Flemish journalism. He began his career in politics, as secretary on the CVP-cabinet of then-party secretary, Leo Tindemans.

A few years later, in 1966, went Hugo the Knight to the battle of The Standard. He made furore in the political editorial by, among other scandals round the Regie of Telegraphy and Telephone (RTT) to expose. The Knight was able to show that members of the socialist party interest in the tender buildings of the RTT. His articles eventually led to the resignation of secretary of state Abel Dubois.

To the bankruptcy of The Standard, and the acquisition by the Vlaamse Uitgeversmaatschappij in 1976 he played together with Manu Ruys also has an important role in the assurance of the identity and the autonomy of the newspaper. The Knight remained at the newspaper until 1990.

After his long career at The Standard he remained active as an investigative journalist. Thus revealed the Knight in 1991, ‘the calls of Poupehan’ between Wilfried Martens, union leader Jef Houthuys, banker Hubert Detremmerie, and Fons Verplaetse, the later chairman of the National Bank. In addition to the famous books The stones of the Rue de la loi and Sire, give me one hundred days wrote Hugo De Ridder also the biographies of well-known christian democratic heavyweights Jean-Luc Dehaene, and Wilfried Martens.

In 2001, Hugo the Knight his own memoirs, No leaf for the mouth. He did that two years after Manu Ruys, the other legendary Standard-journalist. Wetstraatjournalist Bart Brinckman recenseerde the memoirs of The Knight.

The Knight gave the past years, regular contributions to The Standard. A few summers ago, he let his light shine on ‘his’ generation, that of the including a sprinkling or two. ‘I keep nieuwsverslaafd’, he said, the then 84-year-old former journalist. “When I get my newspapers are not read out or Canvasafspraken skipping to go Home to look, I feel guilty.’

And at the death of his ‘revered teacher’ Manu Ruys in 2017 beheld The Knight on the opinion page of The Standard back on the history of this newspaper.

His last publication dates from 2016, when A charismatic politician. Zedenschets from the Rue de la loi appeared. Hugo the Knight was 86 years old.