Filip Dewinter calls Pegida on to resistance


Filip Dewinter roept Pegida op tot weerstand

Filip Dewinter said the Pegida-crowd in German.

On a Pegida-meeting in Germany said Filip Dewinter this afternoon that Europe is at war with islam. He advocated that ‘the people’ the resistance‘, have to organize and fight back’.

At the meeting for the four-year existence of the German anti-islambeweging Pegida (Patriotische Europäer gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes), summoned this afternoon about 4,000 Pegida-supporters. Vlaams belang frontman Filip Dewinter one of the speakers.

Dewinter had the entire speech prepared in German. “If the politicians do not want to hear, then the people speak and act. Our resistance movement is the last hope for a German Germany, and a European Europe. By the mass immigration we have, the enemy won. By mass-immigration is the Trojan Horse of the islamterreur won. Europe is at war with islam!’ But, he added: ‘Wir sind keine Rassisten, wir sind Realists’.

The show was unsuccessful and Dewinter held that anti-islamkoers during his whole argument. “Islam is like a predator, always on the weakest victim to fall.” He also got it out firmly to the multicultural society: ‘just As AIDS affects the resistance of a human being, undermines the multicultural society, the identity and demographic resistance of a people and a civilization.’

Licence to kill

The Antwerp head of Vlaams belang compared furthermore, the Qur’an with a ‘licence to kill’. That is not new, in 2015, he did that already in the Room. He then got response from Interior minister Jan Jambon (N-VA). ‘The dividing line that you put between islam and the rest of our community, there you will find in this hemisphere when no other party support, ” said Jambon, when. He was even applause from the PS-fraction for.

In Dresden were today, and the three tegenbetogingen organized. The tegenbetogers were among signs with the message ” Hatred is no alternative’. Dewinter was, meanwhile, on the Neumarkt of Dresden. ‘There is but one answer to the persecution, the harassment and the silence: the resistance to organize and fight back!’ To which the crowd ‘Widerstand! Widerstand! Widerstand! ” began to chant.

Except Dewinter, there were also islamkritische speakers from Germany and the Czech republic. Also the extreme right-wing Brit Tommy Robinson, who the ‘English Defence League’ founded, said the Pegida-crowd.