Fighter jets circling over government-Michel


Gevechtsvliegtuigen cirkelen boven regering-Michel

On the way to Belgium?

The government still has eight days to decide on the successor of the F-16. According to some, is the choice for the F-35 already been made. The government neither denies nor confirms.

Is the decision to have F-35’s to buy cases? Will the American unit of Belgian F-16’s have been replaced? According to the press agency Belga. According to Belga, the ‘choice for the F-35 made ” and are looking for a way to communicate. On the cabinet of minister of Defence Steven Vandeput (N-VA) wants the news to ‘confirm or deny’. When prime minister Charles Michel (MR), you can keep it in a dry ‘no comment’.

What is already known with certainty? First, that there is indeed a decision… is to come. That is months so, in the original planning wild Karen: the knot all for the summer changes. But now begins the time really is of the essence. There are two official candidates for the F-16: the F-35 from Us Lockheed-Martin and the British-European Eurofighter Typhoon. The quote from Lockheed walked however, on 14 October, the day of the elections. The government asked the Americans for their offer to renew. That has now happened, but only by two weeks. The new deadline is now the 29th of October, is confirmed within the government. One week is already over. If the government is the F-35 want to buy, they must with other words in the next eight days to decide.

Lead F-35?

It is also certain that there are already two kernkabinetten have been that the F-16-replacement discussed at length is come. A first on the 4th of October, when colonel Harold Van Pee, who vervangingsdossier leads, the text and the explanation came about the procedure and the results they had yielded. Officially everyone likes about the tight-lipped, but indiscretions all point in the same direction: the F-35 would be with a large lead as the first out of the equation. A second government went about the economic return that is linked to the two planes.

Sources within the government confirm that there is actually already spoken about the way in which the communication should take place be, once there is a decision. But, they are denying at the same time that that decision was taken. “There is still no green light,” says a source. It seems counter-intuitive that a communication is spoken of, for there is clarity about what needs to be communicated, but that may be to do with that this is by no means a small file, and that there are also major diplomatic interests are involved. A well-prepared communication strategy should ensure that the candidate is not successful, that should not hear, through the media, but directly from the government itself.

Mayor Karen:

Yet something is sure, it is that minister Karen: soon, mayor of Hasselt. Leave without this aankoopdossier to finish, it would be a blamage. Moreover, it would be for his successor is no gift. As Karen: the case is not decided on four years time, what chance has a substitute than in just a handful of months. It is a huge purchase, a symbol, and a not insignificant part of the investment pact of the government. A decision is really to come.

SP.A member of parliament Dirk Van der Maelen remains of the view that the government many years ago decided to ‘these flying Fyra’s’ to buy. But she was too cowardly to do this for the elections to make known, because they realize that the foundations be shaken’.