‘Don’t buy a short-snouted dogs more


‘Koop geen kortsnuitige dieren meer’

SAVAB, the professional association for veterinarians with small pets work, asks animal lovers to think twice about the purchase of a short-snouted dog or cat. “Buy is not because they are cute, animals are so grown but they are not healthy.”

A beautiful Persian cat or a very high-spirited mopshondje, you saw them all pass opsociale media or in one or other advertising campaign for animal feed. There is also eagerly flaunted with the cute animals. ‘Unfortunately’, says Louise Mollaert, veterinarian and director at SAVAB (Small Animal Veterinary Association Belgium). “It is time that people become aware of the problem in these animals.’

Because, behind that flat nose shelter she did in fact, which problems. Their muzzle, which is getting shorter all the time it is grown, it must be still the same amount of tongue and teeth could have been lost. ‘Everything needs to be in an ever smaller space, find a place’, explains Mollaert. “It expresses the palate of those animals in such a way against the larynx, that there is hardly air can pass.’

Once bulldog seen? The chances are that it was accompanied by a grunting sound. That’s funny, for quite a while. But the dogs can actually simply not enough to breathe. Look at it this way: those who long for a stuffy nose, laughs.

Expensive surgery

Also the cost to a kortsnuitig animal to take care of, can quickly become very high. ‘People are when buying such an animal is not aware that in the long term a lot of costs involved, just because they have so much health problems to have, ” says Mollaert.

‘Actually, we speak against our own shop hear. These animals form a large part of our customer base, but with SAVAB, we think we prefer their well being. Once you have purchased, we can only try to ease the pain by on the long term surgical procedures to do. But it may not be the intention that you are an animal buy to make it operate?’


The varieties have been in existence much longer than today, but according to the vet is their popularity especially in the past two years bright rose. “We do see a change in the animals in comparison with years ago’, it sounds. How is that possible? “By only breeding with the animals that the flattest face and then also with the descendants of them to do the same. By the time that extreme features to highlight changes to their anatomy.’

The sales of buldogs and other kortsnuitigen completely prohibit, according to Mollaert no sense. That is also not our goal at SAVAB. ‘In the first instance, we want to make people aware of the practices. Also, we talk with other professionals in the field, not only veterinarians, but also animal breeders. And if we advert to see on the television with a pug, we will be the creator of the alert that it is actually not so wise to make the animals more popular than they already are.’

But also people who have a dog, cat and even a rabbit with short muzzle want to buy it, think better about their purchase. ‘Consider that they are not only cute need to be for you social media”, decision Mollaert.