Black woman victim of racism on a Ryanair flight


Zwarte vrouw slachtoffer van racisme op Ryanair-vlucht

Ryanair is under fire after a racist incident on a flight.

The incident happened Friday on a flight between Barcelona and Stansted. A black woman is racist, treated by a fellow traveler who was not next to her wants to sit down.

The man threatens her to another spot to push. He calls her an ‘ugly black bastard’. If the woman says something, responds the man angry. ‘Do not talk against me in a foreign language. You stupid, ugly cow.”

Eventually the woman asked for somewhere else to sit down, which she does.

A passenger filmed the event and posted the images on social media. The video is now more than a million times on Facebook-viewed.

The Irish low-cost airline now receives criticism for the handling of the incident. ‘Ryanair must explain why the woman is to move to this disgusting racist behavior”, writes BBC presenter Jeremy Vine on Twitter. Among others, the member of parliament Karl Turner found that the man had to buitengezet and the police had to be surrendered.

Ryanair says that such behavior will not tolerate. “We will this matter to address disruptive and offensive behavior such as this will result in a travel ban lead.’

The full video can be found here.