Anderlecht thanks to a hattrick Dimata over Cercle Brugge


Anderlecht dankzij hattrick Dimata voorbij Cercle Brugge

Anderlecht, thanks to a hattrick of Landry Dimata with a solid 4-2-digit numbers with the size taken from Cercle Brugge. Purple-and-white, that Dimata or lichtgeblesseerd saw fall, jumps through the victory over Antwerp to the third place. View the images from 23h on

Hein Vanhaezebrouck tried it with Anderlecht in the resurrection to continue after the interlandbreak. Did he appeal to Francis Amuzu and Andy Najar in place of Kenny Saïef and the suspended Alexis Saelemaekers. At Cercle Brugge sent coach Laurent Guyot by injuries, and considering the heavy program even a half B-squad the meadow.

The match could not be better start for Anderlecht. Eight minutes were on the clock when Sebastian Bornauw against the ground was drawn by Omar Abud after the corner kick. Purple and white had not yet had a chance, but was immediately a penalty. Landry Dimata scored from the spot his first goal in more than two months.

Dimata completes hattrick

The bottle of ketchup turned out to be opened: the striker doubled on the half hour the score with a great shot from the turn. In between had Zakaria Bakkali already failed Cercle at a double disadvantage. The Belgian Moroccan forgot the free-standing Sven Kums to play with losts of Jérémy Taravel.

Cercle Brugge suggested hardly for in the first half and was lucky that Dimata and Trebel just for rest the chance on the 3-0 left. The kampwissel, however, brought more of the same: an authoritarian Anderlecht, a weak Cercle Brugge and a new opportunity for Dimata. This time let the young Devil the opportunity. With clever footwork and a beautiful plaatsbal he made his hattrick complete. Dimata now comes together with Leandro Trossard (Genk) and teammate Ivan Santini at the top of the topschuttersstand.

Cardona shows his class

In just a few minutes later, it was already 4-0. Trebel kicked a free kick to Bornauw, which cleverly side explained to the well followed Pieter Gerkens. But it was not all smiles and sunshine for the inhabitants of Brussels: a lichtgeblesseerde Dimata had to for the hours all to the side and in the back, went out the door unnecessarily open. Cercle-striker Irvin Cardona, for the first time on the field after injury, showed that he felt like it. After two minutes of subbing tapped he the eerredder with a lot of feeling over the grabbelende Didillon. Two minutes later he was there as the chickens at the 4-2 goal to the rams after losing Adrien Trebel.

In the last half hour was actually still the association that the best opportunities decorated. Didillon schroeide his fists to pegels of Kylian Hazard, and again Cardona, in the final stage, headlined Yoann Etienne, still only for the purpose incomprehensible to the next. Anderlecht stronger towards the end, but it was nothing more.

By the victory jumps Anderlecht on Antwerp to the third place.