Afghans to choose new parliament: multiple deaths and injuries


Afghanen kiezen nieuw parlement: meerdere doden en gewonden

In Afghanistan, voters on Saturday to vote for a new house of commons of the parliament. The vote is a test for the presidential elections of april, but the taliban carried out several attacks. Moreover, also electronic peripheral devices often do not work, making lengthy queues were formed. Through the chaos, some polling stations even on Sunday-the opening of the doors.

The parliamentary elections to go through with more than three years delay. Initially, they were scheduled for October 2015, but due to growing security threats and disputes about verkiezingshervormingen they were twice postponed. The last parliamentary elections date now of september 2010.

The run-up to the vote was accompanied by much violence. The past months were ten candidates and dozens of civilians in attacks from the taliban and Islamic State (IS), including on election rallies.

Also the election day itself, is marred by violence. Reuters news agency reports that several polling station’s already been a target of (suicide)attacks. It fell in the capital Kabul for more than ten dead. In three provinces, it came to armed confrontations between talibanstrijders and security forces.

As icing on the cake is the ballot also hampered by technical difficulties. To prevent fraud, bought the Afghan government at the very last moment of 22,000 biometric identification systems, which were used in all polling stations. Voters now report, however, that devices in different polling station’s not working, so voters there for hours waiting. Many chose unsuccessful home. In the province of Uruzgan, were fifteen men arrested because they are out of frustration, biometric identification systems piece probeeden.

Fear of violence…

The taliban are still strong in the land, and check even more area than ever since the American intervention in Afghanistan in 2001 them of the power out. The movement is strongly opposed to the elections, and called out to her warriors at the beginning of October to the american-led process in the country to stop’.

To as much violence as possible to avoid standing 54.000 employees of the Afghan security forces for the security of the 5,000 polling stations. Some 2,000 offices remained closed, because safety is not guaranteed. The concerned voters must be in the mobile offices in nearby districts go to the polls.

According to the Afghan independent election commission IEC had a small 9 million people as a voter register, of which some 5.7 million men and 3.1 million women. More than 2,500 candidates are vying for the 249 seats, including 417 women.

The election in the province of Ghazni has been postponed, since no agreement could be found about the constituencies. Also in the province of Kandahar were a week delayed, after Thursday, the police chief of the province, and the commander of the provincial intelligence service were killed by the taliban.

…and for fraud

In addition to fears of violence, there is the concern for fraud. Large parties and analysts expressed doubts about the number of registered voters. According to the think-tank Afghanistan Analysts Network exceeds in some constituencies the number of registered voters, the estimated number of eligible voters. Opposition parties asked that voters identified would be with fingerprints and photos.