Wikileaks-founder Assange wants Ecuador to sue


Wikileaks-oprichter Assange wil Ecuador aanklagen

Julian Assange

The founder of the klokkenluidersplatform Wikileaks, Julian Assange, wants the government of Ecuador, to protest. That has, among others, The Guardian on Friday reported.

Assange, in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, in exile lives, blame the South American country which is a fundamental human rights violation.

Assange is since more than six years at the embassy of Ecuador. He sought refuge to avoid extradition to Sweden and from there to the United States. After a change of government in the South American country seeks to Quito from him to get. However, so far failed all attempts to do so. The Uk police want Assange to persist because the conditions of his bail violated.

Slightly more than half a year ago was Assanges internet, a telephone connection is cut off. Visit, he may just get his lawyers. Reportedly, these limitations last week partially lifted, but still want Assange to lodge a complaint against the Ecuadorian government. He has since the end of last year the citizenship of the country. According to the British news agency PA is the case, possibly as early as next week treated.

Washington hold Assange responsible for the disclosure on Wikileaks of explosive American documents from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. But the US have no official request for extradition will be issued. Accusations against Assange in Sweden about rape there in the meantime.