This is the only Fleming who this year to a priest is ordained


Dit is de enige Vlaming die dit jaar tot priester wordt gewijd

Elijah Cantaert (28) is the only one that this year in Flanders, a priest is ordained. The happening Sunday. For Elijah is literally a childhood dream coming true. “When the teacher in primary school asked what we wanted to become, I replied:” a priest.”

‘When I was in the class told me that I was a priest wanted to be, raised howls of derision at my fellow students. I was surprised, ” said Cantaert recently in the Church&Life. “I was really convinced that everyone was busy with faith.”

Not so. But Elijah did. He was born in a family of nine children. Every day was a rosary of prayers. And on Saturday or Sunday they went to their parish church in Nieuwerkerken, Aalst.

Despite his childhood dream pulled Elijah after his secondary studies, nonetheless, not directly to the Seminary for a priest to study. He went for pedagogy study at the university of Ghent. After his undergraduate degree, drew Elijah as brancardier on a pilgrimage to Lourdes. Came in all its intensity: the urge to become a priest.

Elijah came home and went to talk with his parents. There was understanding. “If this is what you want to do, if this makes you happy, you should do that. And Elijah went to the Seminary of Names to finally have priesterstudie to to grasp.


For his seventh and final year, Elijah the language to Opwijk. Worked here Elijah, among others, as huiswerkbegeleider with twenty underprivileged children. Last year, he is in Opwijk if ordained a deacon.

“Since my diakenwijding I hold more often the homily at the celebrations told Elijah recently. “I’m glad that I gradually was growing in. People may think that the easy is a homily to write, but this takes a lot of work in.’

Elia makes in the pastoral zone Effata (Opwijk, Nijverseel, Droeshout, Mazenzele and Peizegem) are also part of the rouwteam. When a death draw two priests to the family of the deceased for an interview.

Miss Belgium

To Church&Life told Elijah how the youth sometimes the bridge between their world and the church saves: “When I was at school was talking about my vocation as a deacon and priest and my stole brought made one of the vormelingen the comparison with the ribbon that miss Belgium gets after her victory. It is important elements of the faith may link to issues that matter to them from their world to know and in which they are interested.’

Sunday at 15 hours in the Sint-Rombouts cathedral in Mechelen, dedicated to cardinal Jozef De Kesel Elijah Cantaer priest. “The only Flemish ordination this year, please notify the conference of Bishops.