The five most important questions about the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi


De vijf belangrijkste vragen over de dood van journalist Jamal Khashoggi

Jamal Khashoggi

Eighteen days after his disappearance, has Saudi Arabia admitted that the journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, has died. According to the regime, he was killed during a battle. Why does Saudi Arabia that now suddenly? And what does that ‘confession’?

1. What is ‘known’ Saudi Arabia exactly?

In a statement that Saturday morning was spread by the staatspersagentschap SPA, the Saudi public prosecutor that ‘the discussions …

1. What is ‘known’ Saudi Arabia exactly?

In a statement that Saturday morning was spread by the staatspersagentschap SPA, the Saudi public prosecutor that ” the discussions between Jamal Khashoggi and those he met in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, ontaardden in a fist fight that led to his death’.

Eighteen saudis have been arrested, according to the communication, and ” the Kingdom expresses its deep regret over the painful developments that have taken place and stressed the commitment of the authorities to the facts publicly disseminate, those responsible are liable, and the courts’.

A separate royal decree reported the resignation of Ahmed al-Asiri, vice-chief of the intelligence services, and Saud al-Qahtani, the main media adviser to crown prince Muhammad bin Salman (MBS). Both belonged to the ‘inner circle’ of the crown prince.

That is seen internationally as the likely customer for what to do with dissident Khashoggi happened in Saudi Arabia, it is difficult to imagine that such an extensive operation is set up without the blessing of the mighty crown prince – but he is by king Salman from the wind. There is a new ministerscomité that the intelligence agencies need to review and reform. Under the leadership of crown prince MBS.

2. Why does Saudi Arabia that now, suddenly, eighteen days after Khashoggi’s death?

Initially, it was feared that the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, on a lucrative agreement would throw the oliekoninkrijk. The Turkish investigation into the death of Khashoggi, however, went full through and each new day there were new details to the media leaked. This was also international pressure on Saudi Arabia, which until Saturday morning had insisted on nothing to know, except that Khashoggi freely, the consulate had to leave.

Beginning this week, king Salman, 82 years old and not in the best health, personal the matter in hands: a signal that the crown prince MBS, the issue is not under control. The decision of Saturday morning is the first big crack in the defensive wall that Saudi Arabia had raised. Yes, Khashoggi, died in the consulate, and whilst this was not the intention. And a part of the people responsible will be brought to justice, or are fired.

3. Is this the end of the matter?

Far from, unless the Turkish research the books now dichtgooit. If Saudi Arabia is indeed in the secret, a team of fifteen agents to Istanbul has sent for the ‘meeting’ with Khashoggi, then what was the intention? It was about a kidnapping that foutliep? Or was Khashoggi’s death always the plan? Why was there, according to leaks in the Turkish press, a forensic expert with a beenzaag in the team? What with that audio recordings of the torture, death, and division by four of Khashoggi that informal Turkish sources say to have? Why it took more than two weeks before Saudi Arabia the ‘facts’ has become obsolete? And above all: gave the crown prince MBS the command or not?

That two toplui from his immediate entourage are fired, will either say that the powerful crown prince of his own ranks not under control, or that scapegoats are needed.

4. What does Donald Trump, who is the chief ally of Saudi Arabia?

The relationship between Trump and the Saudi royal family is close, because of zakenbelangen (more than a hundred billion dollars recent Saudi wapenaankoop in the US, for example), the joint rivalry with Iran, and the importance of an oil price that is not out of hand. Trump blew hot and cold in recent weeks. He promised a ‘full investigation’, threatened with non-specified ‘heavy penalties’, sent his Foreign minister to Riyadh and Istanbul to gain clarity, but also believed king Salman when he this week promised himself of not to know. Trump suggested that ‘independent criminals’ behind Khashoggi’s death.

Saturday morning, Friday night in the US, appeared to Trump satisfied with the new Saudi explanation. “Well, I think this is good first steps,” he said to reporters. “This is an important step.” The death of Khashoggi, who as an exile in the USA, lived, was ‘unacceptable’, says Trump, but the statement from Riyadh that he considers as ‘credible’.

5. Are there any penalties?

Republican senators like Bob Corke and Lindsay Graham are not under the impression of the Saudi statement. There are calls for sanctions and the recall of the American ambassador until there is real clarity is. President Trump seems to get not hot to walk. That makes sanctions also for others, such as the European Union, a contentious issue. And, as remains the case-Khashoggi lasting ‘accident’ or not.