Tens of thousands of Britons argue for a new referendum on Brexit


Tienduizenden Britten betogen voor nieuw referendum over Brexit

In London demonstrate Saturday, tens of thousands of Britons for a referendum on the final Brexit-deal, which should result from the negotiations between the United Kingdom and Brussels. “In 2016, we have things told”, sounds like it. “We want to re-vote.’

Under the direction of People’s Vote, a collection of pro-European movements, walking with the protesters in the centre of London towards the British parliament. There will be, among others, the London mayor Sadiq Khan the crowd to speak to.

In a similar action, in June, had about 100,000 people show. The organizers hope this number is now exceeding what the ‘biggest and loudest’ demonstration should be.

However, it is unlikely that prime minister Theresa May so will let it convince for a new referendum. ‘There will be no second referendum. People have, on 23 June 2016, for Brexit vote, ” she said earlier.

Brexit divides generations

However, the past few months, political figures of both the conservative party as Labour, trade unions, and a lot of well-known British called for a second referendum. Also the former prime minister Tony Blair is sure won.

Noteworthy: many of the young protesters were allowed at the time of the Brexitreferendum in 2016 still not vote. “The Brexit divides the generations. A large majority of my generation voted for the departure, a large majority of young people voted to stay. The generations betrayed each other’, says Vince Cable, leader of the liberal democrats.