Talentenwerf wants rioolleggers and men at work to prepare for Oosterweel


Talentenwerf wil rioolleggers en wegenwerkers klaarstomen voor Oosterweel

“We put in on growth trajectories for candidates who are not white raven.” (Stijn Servaes, Talentenwerf)

The province of Antwerp has the coming years a great need to road contractors, in particular with the great work for the Oosterweelverbinding in the prospect. Talentenwerf, the job – and opleidingspunt for the construction sector in the province of Antwerp, has therefore in the past years with a strong bet on.

“With training and work placements for rioolleggers and other men at work, but also werfbedienden for the road construction as an assistant werfleiders, we will play in the rising investments in sewers, and road works. We make especially the chest wet for the work to the Oosterweelverbinding. Who will be the next few years are really great”, says Stijn Servaes, bedrijfconsulent construction of Talentenwerf.


One of the issues is the box of rioollegger. “The training for road building consisted originally only of ‘above-ground’ activities. But road construction is not restricted to what you the top looks, but also on what is in the ground. Therefore, we have Talentenwerf the existing wegenbouwopleiding of VDAB Herentals ‘reformed’. There were tubes fed a rioollaser and other supplies delivered to according to the rules of the box tubes. After the training is together with a construction company, a trajectory for workplace learning to emerge,” says Servaes.

After previous projects with Aertssen and DCA went up last week following training at Colas North from Wijnegem. For more than two weeks, the students on the building sites of the company used. “In total, nine students after their preparatory course in Herentals Monday started. Spread over a number of yards they will be at the fixed teams deployed. Until now, this process is smooth. We hope them all the nine a fixed contract to be able to offer”, says Sigrid Vandemeerssche of Colas North.

At DCA from Beerse, they have already positive experiences with this route. Last spring, a number of students rioollegger used on construction sites of DCA Infrastructure. Five instead of the planned two candidates were allowed to because of their dedication and skills at the start of the infra-department to get started. “This kind of profiles it is very difficult to find. I was already happy with one new power, five is really too crazy for words”, says the head of the infra department Kris Grietens.

“In addition to these rioolleggers we have a further three (assistant) werfleiders put to work in road construction, each with a large distance to the labour market”, Stijn Servaes forth. “After an information session and personal interview at Talentenwerf could these three higher-educated candidates in Colas North on stage or in training (IBO). At De Ceuster of Sint-Katelijne-Waver, was a trained bullmachinist to get started.”

Otherwise look

“Candidates with the right motivation for a job in the construction are still to be found, despite the tightness in the labour market. The quest requires a broader look,” he says. “We therefore set even more on growth trajectories for candidates who are not white raven. We get the need for such growth trajectories of employers, who are, de facto, already more and more aware of that need.”

“Until now, it is already a success story and we believe in it. We need more in the future go to training and guidance,” confirms Sigrid Vandemeerssche of Colas North. “We are currently working closely with temping agencies, but experience has shown us that there are a lot of people quickly quit. We notice that they are working in the construction industry is still somewhat underestimated. Finally, it is still hard work. Through such Talentenwerf-route to get people a better picture of what it means”, she is convinced.

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