Surprising ‘droomcoalitie of Di Rupo in new Brussels city council


Verrassende 'droomcoalitie van Di Rupo' in nieuw Brussels stadsbestuur

Philippe Close

In addition to the PS, Green-Ecolo and Change.Brussels will also Challenge part of the new Brussels city council. That confirms Bart Dhondt (Ecolo-Groen) in The Standard. The ambitions and expectations are sky-high, so we want to govern with a large majority.’

Just a day after the municipal elections of 14 October took the PS of sitting mayor Philippe Close and Ecolo-Green known that they are a left-wing coalition in the capital on the leg would bring. Also, the one seat of Change.Brussels, the citizens ‘ movement of the former SP.(A-ships Ans Person, was soon on board hoisted.

Now it turns out that also Challenge (3 seats) will be part of the new Brussels city council. Thus Speaking side of the droomcoalitie of Elio Di Rupo on the leg, which previously had understood that he was on as many places as possible, majorities wanted to see arise around PS, Ecolo and Challenge.

That Challenge is still in the capital may meebesturen, is very surprising. The former FDF remained Sunday in French-speaking Belgium, i.e. far below the expectations. The party got only half as many elected officials as to where his party chairman Olivier He beforehand had chucked.

“We are of course very happy that the Brussels majority is expanded. The voters gave us last week a mandate given to fully go for tough reforms, including in the areas of air quality and mobility, ” says Bart Dhondt. ‘And great reforms be achieved, it is easier when you are within the city council can rely on a great deal of support.’

Schepencollege gets in shape

With Challenge will join the new Brussels city can count on a majority of 30 to 49 seats. Dhondt: ‘DéFI is fully registered in the provisional bestuursakkoord that already have been negotiated. Together with us they go crazy for clean air, improved mobility and good governance.’

Meanwhile, also starts the future schepencollege to take shape. The PS get six aldermen, Ecolo-Green four and Challenge and Change.Brussels both. The aldermen for Ecolo-Green, Benoit Hellings, Bart Dhondt, Zoubida Jellab and Arnaud Pinxteren. “That means that Benoit Hellings and Arnaud Pinxteren their seats as mps will be required to relinquish’, decision Dhondt. Who has which portfolio, is not yet a foregone conclusion.