Spoedarts gets 24 years in prison for murder of wife: hospital puts doctor on non-active


Spoedarts krijgt 24 jaar cel voor moord op echtgenote: ziekenhuis zet dokter op non-actief

The 49-year-old spoedarts who was sentenced to 24 years in prison for the murder of his wife in 2009, is free pending his trial on appeal. In the meantime, the hospital him on non-active set. That the management of the hospital AZ Sint-Blasius in Dendermonde decided.

The accused Kris P. was accused of attempting gifmoord and gifmoord. His 40-year-old woman was in april 2009 for the first time brought to the hospital with a high dose of insulin in the blood. By the hands of the medical personnel, could the woman still be saved, according to the criminal court. ‘On October 6, 2009 the woman had a cardiorespiratoir judgment, and she died on 14 October by organ failure. The cause was a result of intoxication of benzodiazepines and a high dose of morphine. The accused acted with the intent to kill. He has on two occasions his wife, the mother of his three children, poisoned.’

The man keeps his innocence is full and he goes in appeal against the judgment. He is always the battle remained as a doctor, but after the verdict, the hospital to keep him temporarily inactive. “We consider this judgment as a most serious matter. We empathize with the family of the deceased who are in this day again with the grief at the loss of their loved one faced. The colleagues and staff of the department concerned are, of course, heavily afflicted. We will them all the necessary support’, reports the AZ Sint-Blasius, that later will decide the fate of the doctor.

The process for the Ghent court of appeal is only in the course of next year is expected.