Something found in the ashes burnt out museum Brazil


Topstuk teruggevonden in as uitgebrand museum Brazilië

A masterpiece of the National Museum of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro has the devastating fire early last month survived. It is going to be the remains of ‘Luzia’, a woman who 12,000 years ago on the continent lived.

The oldest fossil of the country is largely found in the rubble. The archaeological find of priceless value to the combing of the burnt out building found in the glass safe in which they were stored. She was protected from the collapsing ceiling by a cabinet that is on the fire on top of the vault had fallen. ‘After such a tragedy is truly a miracle, ” says Cristiana Serejo, the deputy director of the Museu Nacional.

The fossil fell while apart because the glue from the heat of the fire could not resist, but also, the bones reportedly in remarkably good condition.

According to the director of the museum, there are more important pieces recovered after the fire. As long as the investigation has not been completed yet, he wanted to continue, however, no details lost.


The Museum was in need of money

Luzia was in 1975, found in a cave near the city of Belo Horizonte. The discovery proved that the continent in two periods was populated. Her name is a reference to that other famous skeleton of a humanoid, Lucy.

By the fire at the Museu Nacional went on september 3, the oldest scientific institution of Brazil totally lost. The institute was, with a collection of twenty million objects, one of the largest museums in South America. There are plans to rebuild, but that will be millions of euro’s costs and take years.

The federal university of Rio (UFRJ), which the museum should operate, is in need of money by successive besparingsrondes of the federal government. After the fire broke also protests.