Police grabs the dealer: mobile phones, money and drugs found in search


Politie pakt dealer op: gsm’s, geld en drugs gevonden bij huiszoeking

During an action against the nuisance could the Antwerp police to be a drug dealer to pick it up. At his home were considerable amounts of money and drugs found. The man was arrested.

Police inspectors noticed in the night from Friday on Saturday a suspicious vehicle on the Ernest Van Dijckkaai. The car was parked in front of a gate with the lights still on. In the vehicle sat an old man who is very, very clear on something or someone was waiting. In view of the defendant state stopped the police vehicle for a while in the holes. During that supervision got a man in the car. The inspectors could clearly see that something was exchanged between the occupants.

The customer was standing held when the vehicle left. It soon became clear that he just got a dose of cocaine had bought. Also the seller and his car were checked. The police found still more drugs, money and mobile phones.


As a result of all these observations was also a search done by the seller. Also there were different types of narcotics found.

In the control and the search warrant, the vehicle was seized along with three mobile phones, quantities of cocaine, aanlengmiddel for cocaine, ecstasy pills, marijuana, mdma and just do not have 900 euros cash money.


The customer of the defendant was taken to the police station for questioning. After the necessary formalities around the immediate settlement if the 20-year-old man. The man, 28-year-old, suspected of drug trafficking is at the examining magistrate. Who will decide on his further detention.