Now extreemlinks and the extreme right on the ‘jihad-list’


Nu ook extreemlinks en extreemrechts op ‘jihad-lijst’

The neo-Tomas Azmi is also now on the terror

On the OCAD list, the terror which our country, the names of radical Syriëstrijders collected, are now also the names of a number of ultra-left and far-right supporters. Security services to investigate or Dries Van Langenhove, the founder of Shield & Friends, on the list.

Was recently in a voluminous Royal Decree determined that the OCAM-list is no longer merely reserved for radicalised muslims. Since then, the names of 23 people added to it. It comes to sixteen ultra-left people, and seven supporters of the extreme right.

In the first category, for example, violent anarchists of the French group La Cavale, which by the federal public prosecutor’s office prosecuted. They prevented the construction of a prison in the Brussels municipality of Haren. Along the far right side of the East-flanders Tomas Azmi on the list, one of the main protagonists of the neo-nazi Blood, Soil, Honour and Loyalty. He was sentenced to four years in prison because of terrorism.

Dries Van Langenhove, the founder of Shield & Friends, according to information from The Newspaper is not on the OCAD list. However, there would be a preliminary run, in order to ascertain whether he is on the list to be added. His right-wing youth movement recently came into disrepute because of numerous racist messages that the members shared.


However, the database with ‘Foreign Terrorist Fighters’, such as the OCAM-list full name, in 2013, was established to mainly Syriëstrijders. That the government had to allow them to efficiently follow up on. In total, there are now 568 people on the list, among whom 120 returnee jihadists.

On the list was a year and a half ago for 40 haatpredikers, such as Fouad Belkacem of Sharia4Belgium. It is the category haatpredikers in which the ultra-left and far-right names are added.

Muslim extremism remains the focus

The are the security services and the police that new names are coming up for the list. In the case of extreemlinks and right is that the Security of the state. OCAM ultimately decides whether she is on the list.

‘OCAM must decide on the threat of terrorism in general, not only about moslimterreur’, says the cabinet of minister of the Interior Jan Jambon (N-VA). “We need all forms of violence into account. Though muslim extremism is the main focus. The database has proven to be one danger. We use that expertise now for other shapes.’