Macedonian parliament to start proceedings for change of name country


Macedonisch parlement start procedure tot naamsverandering land

The Macedonian prime minister Zoran Zaev (l.) it was after the vote congratulated by members of parliament

The parliament of Macedonia has Friday, voted to the amendments to the constitution to begin to write the name of the country need to change in the ‘Republic of Northern Macedonia’.

It is a first step in order to put an end to years of dispute with Greece. That country has a region that also Macedonia is called. The Greeks feared that their northern neighbours, that same region’s ever wanted to take over.

“The parliament adopted the proposal of the government to start amending the constitution,” said president Talat Xhaferi after an evening vote in the parliament. Eighty of the 120 parliamentarians voted for the proposal, so that the required two-thirds majority met.

“This is a historic day for our nation,” said prime minister Zoran Zaev after the parliament give the green light had been. “Macedonia is really a part of the European family will be our dreams for a better life in a better country finally be fulfilled.”

When Macedonia his name effectively has changed, will the Greek parliament vote for the resistance to strike against an EU and Nato membership for its neighbors. International to the country, which became independent when Yugoslavia in 1991 disintegrated, referred to as Fyrom (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia). Also that would be with the name change are no longer needed.

At the end of september, was a referendum held about the new name for the country. Less than a third of the voters challenged this was. The plebiscite was not binding, however, but ‘advisory’.