Green plan The Weaver for the block to convert


Groen van plan De Wever voor het blok te zetten

Green-leader Wouter Van Besien is a plan Monday on the Antwerp city council, two green symbooldossiers. The party to put the N-VA-formateur Bart De Wever for the block to clarify or approach believes or not, writes The Morning Saturday.

It comes to the introduction of the car-free town, and the approach of the queue for social housing. ‘I will be with a lot of attention to the views of all parties to listen and certainly to that of the N-VA, ” says Van Besien in The Morning. “During recent years, carried out the party of De Wever is a constant war in the city council. He says that he wants to stop. I’m curious.’

If the formateur does The Weaver the door open for a green bestuursdeelname in Antwerp. Are voorkeurscoalitie with CD&V and Open VLD, has only one seat to spare. That is, according to him, too tight to effectively control. He alludeert therefore, on a broad-based coalition of the winners with Green.

But Green doubts the sincerity of The Weaver. The party suspects that he is a strategic game play: the formateur is looking for approach to CD&V and Open VLD nervous.

The Weaver does not wish to respond to the approach of Van Besien, know The Morning yet.