Electrabel gets stroomboten from under the dust


Electrabel haalt stroomboten van onder het stof

In the fight against the stroomtekort in our country are watching Engie Electrabel also the ability to have great stroomboten. Such powerships are usually deployed in war zones or developing countries. The electricity on such stroomboten is generated by diesel or gas to burn.

Engie Electrabel, the largest electricity distributor in our country, studies the hiring of stroomboten to the electricity supply of our country in the months of January and February to ensure. That confirms spokeswoman Hellen Smeets, Engie Electrabel. But she adds immediately that there is still nothing concrete.

The use of one or two powerships to the stroombevoorrading of our country to ensure it is reportedly this week been discussed at the task force by Energy minister Marie-Christine Marghem (MR), was established about the supply problems. It is stressed that the option stroomboten still in an embryonic stage.

Stroomboten are ships with very large diesel generators on board. The world’s largest have a capacity of 460 megawatts. For comparison: Aim 1 and 2, the smallest nuclear reactors in our country, each have a capacity of 433 megawatts.
The electricity on such stroomboten is generated by diesel or gas to burn. The environment is the use of a stroomboot, therefore, not such a good thing.

Search for locations

At first glance, fit the stroomboten in the plan of Engie Electrabel for the coming winter 750 megawatts of additional electric capacity to find. By a pack of diesel generators to hire. Until now, it has that this is 100 megawatts had to yield. But the stroombotenpiste that Electrabel comes out of ships, which are good for few hundred megawatts.

The use of stroomboten is not an option for november, set the Tilt Smeets of Electrabel. Because there are quite some to look for such ships to turn.

It comes to ocean-going vessels. One of the big questions is where can be connected to the transmission grid. It is in the Flemish ports already look forward to a suitable place. In the port of Antwerp are already locations in the image close to the Scheldt, such as the nuclear power plant of doel and the site of the former power station in Schelle.

Not first time

It is not the first time that to the efforts of stroomboten is considered. In 2014, when there was in Belgium due to the unavailability of the scheurtjesreactoren Tihange 2 and doel 3 feared was for power shortages during the winter, allowed the then secretary of state for Energy, Melchior Wathelet (CDH), which means try it out.

Earlier this week it was revealed that Engie Electrabel gas turbines in the closed hard-coal power station of Genk-Langerlo and a small power plant on the site of the chemical company Monsanto in the port of Antwerp has rented for the winter.