Co-chairman Ecolo stepping unexpectedly on


Co-voorziter Ecolo stapt onverwacht op

Patrick Dupriez and Zakia Khattabi

Patrick Dupriez, co-president of Ecolo, has tonight stated that he is departing as president of Ecolo. That is surprising because the French greens have performed well in the municipal elections last Sunday. He led along with Zakia Khattabi the party since march 2015.

Why he leaves is still unclear. ‘For strictly personal reasons, I am convinced that I have my function in the coming months can not exercise at the level that is expected from me’, he announced at a meeting of the party. “I am convinced that this decision comes as a surprise, but I got them taken in the interest of the party.’

Dupriez has always what is in the shadow of Khattabi stood. That last start from Monday calls in a search for a new co-chairman. The party is traditionally led by a man and a woman, which someone from Wallonia and someone from Brussels. Khattabi, itself, of Brussels, is looking for a man from Wallonia. He will on november 9, will be proposed at the general meeting of Ecolo.