Canada can demand for legal cannabis not to


Canada kan vraag naar legale cannabis niet aan

In Canada, there is a real rush arise on cannabis. The North American country was this week the second in the world that legalizing the drug.

Customers waited the past few days to five hours long with rows of coffee shops, or logged massively in on specialized websites, to marijuana, to order. Under the new law, Canadians are now up to 30 grams possess for recreational use. Medicinal use was already authorised.

Under the influence of cannabis driving remains strictly prohibited. The drugs should also be sold in neutral packaging.

That seemed, however, no one to hold. Even in the small eastern province of Nova Scotia was there on the first day for almost half a million of legal cannabis sold. Sellers from all over the country complain that they are not able to meet the market demand.

“I’m a bit shocked that my stock so quickly is sold out, and that I do not have enough for all my customers,” says Thomas Clarke, a coffee shop opened in the province of Newfoundland, on the Canadian television channel CBC. “There was assured me that everything I had ordered, also delivery would be, but now I have a lot of customers to disappoint.’

And the legalisation of cannabis has other side effects. So reports the financial news agency Bloomberg that this week’s most traded shares on the Canadian stock market of Aurora Cannabis, a producer and distributor of medicinal cannabis.