Bpost may letters only after three days of reaching out


Bpost mag brieven pas na drie dagen uitreiken


The federal government gave the green light for postal service Bpost to again make a difference between priority and non-priority letters.

Customers will be able to choose whether they post the next day delivered want to see, or only after three days. Who that the following day all want, will have to pay more.

The federal government approved on Friday the extension of the universal service obligation of Bpost until 31 december 2023, reported minister of Post Alexander De Croo. That also requires that the postal service five times per week in Belgium, the post should beg.

‘According to a consumer study carried out by the postal and telecoms regulator BIPT, consumers are open to a less rapid standaardienst on condition that the priority postbedeling continues to exist, for example, funerals, birthdays, births, or emergency administrative post, The Croo.

Bpost had said previously that the differentiated offer of the mail market in 2019 would start.

The new management contract also provides a procedure that allows the net cost to the state to control in a strong decline of the mail market. If the costs for the universal service provider a certain ceiling limits, can the postal service be contacting the federal state in order to stories on the state treasury. “The moment that bpost demand in the state, there is the possibility to see if it is meegestapt, or that the terms and conditions to be reviewed’, it sounds on the cabinet of minister De Croo. ‘That to the state coffers to protect.’