Beke: centrumrechts in Antwerp is tight but workable


Beke: centrumrechts in Antwerpen is krap maar werkbaar

Beke and the Weaver in a debate (in march of this year)

According to Wouter Beke is the best possible for you in Antwerp continue to govern with the current coalition of N-VA, CD&V and Open VLD. That ‘Swedish’ majority has only one seat to spare. Tight, but not impossible, says Beke.

As it is known, seems to be Bart De Wever not likely the current coalition in Antwerp to continue. The majority has only one seat to spare. Yesterday we saw on tv how he was thinking: ‘That was then shivering and shaking. And loyal they are (CD&V and Open VLD, red) also have not been … on the aldermen.”

On the Matter showed Wouter Beke is less pessimistic about such a tight majority. “I remember that CD&V and SP.A ever a Flemish coalition was created with just one seat on the surplus in the Flemish Parliament. Louis Tobback said that he that “everybody in his chair, and would tie up to ensure a workable majority and that majority has then actually make important decisions.’

In short: Swedish is mathematically possible in Antwerp and there are examples from the past that show that it is possible, says Beke.

Beke know of course that if The Weaver Green can convince the coalition, the position of CD&V in Antwerp board, not more certainly is. Or that the CD&V is already much less requirements in such a coalition (because of mathematically do not need).

But of course, it is up to Bart De Wever to see how he has the cards, knows Beke: “He now has the wheel in your hands.’

The CD&V-president disputed the fact that Bart De Wever much sense to CD&V in Antwerp. “Those are not the signals that I care. But if he really wants to, he can have that rather sooner than later to say.’