At least 60 dead in treinongeval in India


Zeker 60 doden bij treinongeval in India

People gather around an ambulance in Amritsar, India

With a heavy treinongeval in India on Friday at least 60 people to the life to come. That, local media reported.

The accident happened near the city of Amritsar, in the state of Punjab, in the extreme north of India. There are also 50 serious injuries. The death toll can still rise.

In India, it is currently the hindoefeest Dussehra is celebrated. The train would run at a crowd of people which effigies of the demon king Ravana to burn were in the vicinity of the tracks. By fireworks, they would to the tracks raced and the oncoming train to be heard.

“We know the circumstances, but a lot of people from the crowd rushed in the direction of the tracks and the train crushed’, quoted the Indian news agency Ani a politiewoordvoerder.

According to television channel, Times Now News were on the spot between 500 and 700 hindus the feast of Dussehra to celebrate.