‘Africa’s youngest billionaire’ is released


‘Afrika’s jongste miljardair’ weer vrijgelaten

Mohammed Dewji in 2015

The last week abducted Tanzanian billionaire Mohammed Dewji is on Friday, re-released. He is healthy and well, so did his family Saturday communicated.

‘Maybe he is psychic still a bit troubled by what happened, but he seems to be in good health to be’, says Azim Dewji, the spokesperson of the family. More details were not given. According to the spokesman will Dewji will soon have to give an explanation about the kidnapping.

The 43-year-old Mohammed Dewji, Africa’s youngest billionaire, was last week Thursday in Dar es Salaam kidnapped when he was the sports hall of a hotel left.

The family had a premium of $ 500,000 (434.000 euro) promised for information about the house or about the place where the man was detained. It is not clear whether that amount will be paid to an informer. Also about the payment of any ransom nothing was communicated.

Dewji is a successful businessman. He built by his father founded the retail company into an international conglomerate. The METL Group has interests in textiles, agriculture, oil, telecom, logistics, and financial sector and is active in several African countries. From 2005 to 2015, Dewji also in the parliament of Tanzania. His ability is 1.5 billion dollars (1.3 billion euros) is estimated.