Wallonia share more sanctions to the unemployed than in Flanders


Wallonië deelt meer sancties uit aan werklozen dan Vlaanderen

In the first half of this year were in Flanders in the framework of the active availability 670 unemployed a penalty because they are insufficient to find a new job. In Wallonia went the other hand, to 2.707 unemployed, according to figures from the RVA that Belga could refer to it.

The issue here is sanctions in the strict sense: no alerts, but a temporarily lower payment or a suspension of the unemployment benefit to a permanent exclusion. Where in the first half of 2015 – when it was a federal matter was – 2.171 such sanctions were in Flanders, there were that in the first half of 2018 yet to 670, appears from TIME-to-data.

In Wallonia, there was a decrease of 6.119 to 2.707, in Brussels, belgium from 1.933 to 146. For the whole of Belgium, including the German-language, indicates that a decrease of 10.279 in the first half of 2015 3.571. In the first half of 2017 was also higher: 3.602.

The figures deal with the people in the active availability. They get unemployment benefit, but must also actively seeking work and, therefore, apply. Who only in the passive availability, need not apply, but may be offered a job by the regional employment services (VDAB, Forem and Actiris) not to refuse.


“The federal government has decided the benefits are not in the time limit. That is a political choice. This would have to mean that the control on the search behavior and the arbeidsbereidheid of job seekers is very efficient must be done, what the figures do not suggest’, responds Monica Young, director-general of the federation of Belgian Companies (VBO / feb). Last summer, the federal government accelerated the degressivity of the unemployment benefits correspond.

The FEB look now to the regions, because the sanctions after the reform of the state since 2016 is a regional competence. For the employers ‘ organisation must be the transition period gradually behind the back.

“There are in Belgium, but less than 145.000 vacancies. A good follow-up needs to be accompanied with a good guidance. But one must ensure that the balance between the two is not lost. Activation policies should continue to be activated, ” says Young.