Vereeck is ships as vindicated


Vereeck wordt schepen als naam gezuiverd is

Lode Vereeck (Open VLD).

In the Limburg Diepenbeek, there is an end to the vaudeville who threatened to onbestuurbaarheid to lead. A majority of N-VA, Open VLD, CD&V and Groen (15 seats to 25) there will be in the coming years, the municipality authorities. Notable: Lode Vereeck dokterde itself a compromise from when it turned out that a number of CD&V-women had problems with his figure. He is, after three years of ships, on the condition that his name becomes purified.

Sometimes it’s the smallest municipalities where the craziest of bends to be taken. In Diepenbeek, next to Hasselt, it seemed the local politics last week was a circus with CD&V in the role of scarecrow. But late yesterday night got one there then: a ‘four dragon’ of N-VA, CD&V, Open VLD and the Green will be the municipality in control, N-VA’Rik Kriekels get the sash. The biggest party Pure (9 seats), that today the mayor provides, end up in the opposition.

The new board wants to set an example by the number of aldermen be reduced from 6 to 5. ‘Originally, we wanted to go even further and reduce to 4, but at the insistence of CD&V, there is a fifth mandate is added which is shared by our parties, ” says Lode Vereeck (Open VLD).

‘Flexibility and political insight’

The liberal professor and senator, who in the run-up to the elections discredited was because of unwanted verbal behavior at the university college, after three years of the passing of the torch from a CD&V and will be ships on the condition that his name becomes purified. Vereeck: ‘When I was in The best Interest of the province of Limburg read that some of the CD&V-women had a hard time with my person, I immediately to the N-VA calls for a wisselmandaat. If everything is behind us – and that’s where I’m from – I am after three years ships of my beloved departments: finance and budget, economy and university campus.’

“It is thanks to the flexibility and the political insight of His that it is so quickly managed to form a coalition’, to praise Geert Vertongen (N-VA). “He is immediately responsive to all comments of CD&V. N-VA is relieved that there is finally white smoke, after a tumultuous week.

Breach of trust?

The question is: will it work for CD&V to fly? The party chairman Edgar Vandebroek handed over on the day of the elections a signed voordrachtsakte for Rik Kriekels (N-VA). There would be a grand coalition be formed with N-VA, Open VLD and Pro 3590. But the same day got the party regret her decision due to a better supply of Pure. Also the socialists of Pro 3590 felt a whole lot for Pure… The ‘progressive’ coalition would be CD&V also ships produce.

Problem: the signed voordrachtsakte. That is binding. Couple those two documents to sign, are allowed as a punishment of six years no mayor, alderman, or council. It was not until a second voordrachtsakte, or a statement of intent. But CD&V yesterday, then again repealed: the party to choose yet for the grand coalition – but with Green instead of Pro 3590.

‘We let the whole brouhaha now behind us, and start with a clean slate’, is the response of N-VA’Geert Vertongen. ‘The faith is what concerns us are not violated, because ships Jos Leroi always is a word that has held and firm, against his department. That wasn’t easy with all that geschipper, but in the end the management of the department realised that the best was to follow him.’

Also according to Vereeck, there is no question of a crack in the cooperation. “CD&V has shown us how much subsidies we as a church, Diepenbeek for the past 24 years are lost because we have a mayor of a local party. Now control we with all national parties, and that gives us more bestuurskracht.’