Trump threatens border to close for migrantenkaravaan and slide blame in the shoes of Democrats


Trump dreigt grens te sluiten voor migrantenkaravaan en schuift schuld in schoenen van Democraten

The American president Donald Trump has Thursday threatened to the border with Mexico to close as a response to the group of migrants from Honduras is on its way to the US.

Trump accused Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador to little to do in order to avoid that migrants, Mexico would arrive. Previously endangered, he that countries already have financial support to take off. Thursday came the threat of the closure of the border on top. He wants the American military do this, she said.

Trump seems to be of the migrantenkwestie also an election issue to make in the mid-term elections in early november, and shifts the blame for the attack on the country ” in the shoes of the Democrats. “All the Democrats fail with their weak legislation,” he said.

Friday brings the American minister of Foreign Affairs, Mike Pompeo, a visit to Mexico.

That country has, in the meantime, extra police officers been drafted on to its southern border with Guatemala. The group of migrants from Honduras on foot on the road, would be around 1,500 to 3,000 people.

‘Humanitarian solution’

First said Mexico that these people will not allow if they do not have the necessary documents. But police chief Manelich Castilla gave in a tv interview that the group is not too hard to tackle. They mainly want the public order to guarantee, she said. Mexico is also the co-operation of the UN refugee organisation to a ‘humanitarian solution’ for the group of migrants.

With the caravan on the way from Honduras, there are also women and children. Most of them would flee the gang violence in their country. There is also little work and a lot of corruption in Honduras.