The Block is ‘candid’ talk with Coucke on favourable SOCIAL security regime for football players


De Block gaat ‘openhartig’ praten met Coucke over gunstig RSZ-regime voor voetballers

Coucke between the players of Anderlecht. Later, he is sitting eye-to-eye with Maggie De Block.

Minister of Social Affairs Maggie De Block (Open Vld) goes around the table to sit with Marc Coucke, the chairman of the Pro League, the favorable SOCIAL security regime of which football enjoys. The football world is, after all, heavily in time to come.

Minister of Social Affairs Maggie De Block (Open Vld) goes around the table to sit with Marc Coucke, the chairman of the Pro League, as a result of the large-scale study in the Belgian football. In the Room suggested to the minister that they have a signal expected from the football sector.

Shortly after the outbreak of the judicial investigation into money laundering in the football world, announced minister The Block to which the sector have to put things right, if not she wants to take the favourable SOCIAL security regime of which football to enjoy, to take a critical look topics

That statement she repeated on Thursday during question time, after a question by Roel Deseyn (CD&V).

The Block is modified its argument. So she noticed that the system is not only for footballers, but for all sectors, and not only for the earners: “There are also athletes, which is at least as hard work as some of the earners, but only by this measure can get along.”

Furthermore, it would decrease the advantage of a very large impact on the football sector, on all eersteklasseclubs, also the rich. ‘Problems which I am not sure that they eraanuit would come.’

She repeated then also a signal to expect from the industry and wants on this soon in a ‘frank’ debate, set them in the parliament. In the meantime, it was agreed that the minister around the table to sit down with Marc Coucke.

CD&V is not satisfied

Deseyn had heard that the sector will be invited to the competent parliamentary Committee to the system of SOCIAL security advantage against the light. “How can we correct taxpayer right in the eyes look and such a great contribute questions, while others have almost nothing to contribute?’, thus Deseyn.

The CD&V ” there will not that only but to the world of football is called the sector to clean up. “That seems to me to be such a thing as a vegetarian ask how he prefers his steak prepared to see. There is nobody who is going to propose how he would like more tax to pay…?’

“We find that the government and the parliament itself in the hands must take. After a thorough study we must look at how we can reform. Before we had these fraud cases is not strictly necessary, a few months ago we made this all understood. I note that the government still have little movement, but something will have to change.’

The Newspaper calculated a half ago that football players less social security contributions to be paid than, for example, garbage collectors. The SOCIAL security benefits for the football sector costs the government annually 70 million euros, in addition, there are also tax benefits every year to 60 million euros in costs. And that while the activity of players ‘ agent, who is now in the eye of the storm sit, with eur 41.8 million, one third of that amount went for a walk.