Smes discover fringe benefits


Kmo’s ontdekken extralegale voordelen

A quarter of the Belgian sme’s plant next year, an extra-legal advantage, or flexible compensation for all or part of the employees. Though not all possibilities for the smes as well known. Especially the bike may be on interest to rely.

Smes with less than ten employees to turn out their staff, on average, three types of fringe benefits to offer, with meal vouchers and eco checks on the head. In the case of smes from 10 to 49 employees, there are already four, but in organisations with more than one thousand employees, there are on average 5.3.

Start smes also gradually alternative forms of compensation to discover. This is evident from a survey carried out by SD Worx at more than 627 sme-managers in businesses up to 100 employees. About a quarter of these smes are considering new benefits or a budgetneutrale compensation in 2019. On the other hand think just about 14 percent to a salary increase for a part of the staff and a small 13 percent even to a salary increase for everyone. The remaining part (about 47 percent) indicates that there is no room for extras.

Electric bike

Alternative compensation is in the case of smes therefore, of tel. The most commonly used salary components in smes, meal and eco checks (70 percent), company cars (66 percent) and the social plan (63 percent). Mobile advantages, such as the new mobiliteitsbudget and the electric bike, used almost half. Other components, such as flexible pay, wage bonus, winstpremies, warrants and additional holidays, followed by 31.5 percent. Almost one in five of these ‘other components’ is the interest charge, while they are not yet part of their wage policy.

In any case, appear to be larger smes, for example, with a hundred employees, usually better informed of the different possibilities. “But unknown is unloved’, says Annelies Rottiers, business unit manager consultancy sme at SD Worx, who noted that smes have not yet used forms are most interested in the electric bicycle, and the private-professional use of the bike.

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