Moscon is also after the seizure in China is pursued to the exclusion in the Tour, and that enerveert the Italian


Moscon wordt ook na machtsgreep in China achtervolgd met uitsluiting in de Tour, en dat enerveert de Italiaan

Gianni Moscon (Sky) showed Friday, the strongest in the queen’s stage of the Tour of Guangxi. The Italian is also the new leader. Nothing but good news, although it remains his exclusion in the Tour de France to him ad nauseum haunt in China. And that enerveert the Italian woelwater.

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“This was the stage why we here are gone,” said Moscon before the start of the queen’s stage. “Here it must happen, I’m certainly motivated to do something.” And that was also evident in the climb. Two kilometres from the end put the Italian Sky, and has performed as a soloist, he to victory. “I mustered all of my opponents and saw that everyone was on his limit was,” he says, “it was the time to go and I had something in the tank. I didn’t think much about it after, I’m just full-on gone. I am very happy with this victory on Chinese soil.”

Moscon is still two stages to go, the new leader and has nine seconds ahead of Felix Grosschartner. Normally wait two sprints, although the ride tomorrow/Saturday, subject to the necessary aanvalslust of his opponents, also different ending. “I know,” he says. “Last year Tim won Wellens here and he was in the final also the final winner, but each course has its own story. The ride Saturday is also long, with on the road some hills, so I have not yet won a game. But I have confidence, as the condition is good. I have today/Friday again encountered, and I look forward to the next two days. I’m already happy with this victory, that was a goal.”

“Do you think I have a fault I have committed? Well, then I was a mistake”

Moscon had a difficult start of the season after a (n.), and then there was his exclusion in the Tour de France where he started gave them Elie Gesbert, and then he was suspended until mid-september. He won two Italian races, was fourth at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS, and picks up the victory. “It’s nice to have the season in a good way. About the Tour? No, I want nothing more about it, since I have already a lot of talk about, maybe to much. Everyone has there opinion, everyone has the video seen, I have nothing to explain.”

Immediately after his exclusion in the Tour came a press release from his team, with apologies about the incident. A few weeks later, Moscon in La Gazzetta dello Sport that he felt he was no error had been committed. On the question of what he really thinks, was the Italian abruptly. “Do you have the images?”, was his reply to the journalist in question. “Do you think then that I have a fault I have committed?”, early Moscon then, when the journalist showed a hint of it. “Well, then, I commit a mistake”, he concluded, shook his head.

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