Michel denies any problems with the budget: ‘News is fake news


Michel ontkent problemen met begroting: 'Berichtgeving is fake news'

According to prime minister Charles Michel, European commission President Jean-Claude Juncker at the European summit said that there is no problem with the Belgian budget. The first minister reacts on messages that Belgium will complete a critical letter from the European Commission would receive.

Michel and Juncker attend both the European summit that is currently taking place in Brussels. ‘Juncker has me literally said:” Say: ‘to the Belgian press that there is no problem with Belgium is,” said Michel, that the reports about the Belgian budget further when ‘fake news’ calls.

The times reports Thursday that the Commission will complete a letter to Belgium will send the draft budget for 2019 is not on the lines would meet. Our country would be just like Italy, Spain, Portugal and France to a select club that such a reprimand.

According to Michel, however, there is no question of a reprimand. ‘It’s the classic exchange of letters between a country and the Commission on the strategy for reforms, and our fiscal situation,” points out Michel. The prime minister acknowledges that in Belgium, there is a budgetary need to make progress, but the government has according to him already ‘considerable effort’ and chosen to go to reduce taxes.

Of the pot.

But while Michel denies that there is any European criticism on the Belgian budget, minister of Finance Johan Van Overtveldt (N-VA) sat night all of that supposed criticism. Van Overtveldt called the comparison that the European Commission would make between our country and Italy, Spain, Portugal and France ‘of the pot is torn’.

‘About that review of our budget we are going to have a very hearty word to speak with the European Commission’, said Van Overtveldt Thursday in ‘The Morning’ on Radio 1.

‘Italy, Spain, Portugal and France are countries that flirt with the drieprocentnorm what the budget deficit is concerned, or sometimes even sit. In addition, they are all in a trend of rising public debt, in our decrease, ” says the minister. “The Commission makes one bag of countries that are not in one bag belong, and especially Belgium.”

Deviation is possible

As long as the budget is not in balance, it must be Belgium, which, each year, by 0.6 percentage points healthier. For 2019, Belgium, an effort of 0.2 percentage point, to little so. “But in 2017 we have a lot more done than what was asked”, says Van Overtveldt. “Moreover, the commission itself flexibility in life called: if structural reforms are, in the us, for example, the taxshift, and sufficient investment, then a deviation is possible.’

The minister said further, with Europe still a very hearty word to want to speak’. The final assessment follows at the end of november.


Economists and begrotingsspecialisten are meanwhile not tender for the government-Michel. According to Geert Noels, now is the time to get our deficit to reduce. “The interest rate is low and the economy running well. If you are saved now, that barely has an impact. If it goes bad, it is devastating to the purchasing power.’

Noels calls it embarrassing that Belgium joined the ‘Club Med countries’ shares. ‘The latest report of the World Economic Forum also indicates that we in terms of competitiveness, terrible score (our country sinks of place 19 to 21,red.). The malaise is deep.’