Japanese kerselaars already in bloom by typhoon


Japanse kerselaars nu al in bloei door tyfoon

In many places in Japan are the kerselaars in bloom, a phenomenon that is normally only in the spring. The culprit is the extreme weather over the last few weeks.

It is a view that is normal for march or april is preserved: the pink kerselaars in Japan. But on a 350, not many places in the country there are already blossoms on the awakening, almost a half a year too early.

Experts point to the extreme weather the past few weeks, with the two typhoons on the head. The catastrophe has a lot of trees stripped of their leaves, but give it just a substance that prevents already developed flower buds too quickly would burst. Also the unusual warm weather in the aftermath of the typhoons, the flower buds to believe that the spring in the country.

Hiroyuki Wada of the Flower Association of Japan says that in the past this was also already done, but when restricted to a certain region. Who, in the spring, a trip to Japan on the planning has been, he assured. Although the buds that are blooming now are lost, according to Wada, is still restricted to a limited number of trees.

Japanse kerselaars nu al in bloei door tyfoon

The kerselaars are normally at their best in march and april