‘I do not know who my parents have voted. As for Trump is, how can I love them?’


‘Ik wil niet weten voor wie mijn ouders gestemd hebben. Als het voor Trump is, hoe kan ik dan nog van hen houden?'

A dirty coward, he had him called, now retired Scott Walker is still a higher gear. In a video sent to the Republican challenger a warning to his opponent, the current, Democratic governor of Pennsylvania: ‘but a baseballmasker on, because I stamp your face to pieces, with my golf shoes.’ The Americans pull back to the ballot box, and the climate is more toxic than ever.

It is but one example out of many. As white candidates who say that a black rival ‘the aap should not hang out’. It is war in the run-up to the midterms of november 6.

Journalists Steven De Foer and Ine Roox traverse from Saturday, the US in the run up to the elections. They discover a land divided by politics: “in the Past we flew together at family parties constantly in the hair about politics, but by evening we laughed, and we said that we loved each other. That is now no more.” Follow their journey from Saturday at The Standard, read here for a taste.

Political scientists counties of the most important mid-term elections in more than a century. There is no president elected, but new governors, and especially a new Congress. The Democratic opposition wants the power to go back in the House of Representatives, and it seems that it will succeed. An opposition with power to him to thwart: for Trump would be a nightmare.

The Donald is already weeks into a campaign. While hurricane Michael in the south of the country gets underway, he moves from one stadium to the other to get his supporters riled up. He calls the Democrats ‘evil’: ‘You give no matches to a pyromaniac, and you also have no power to an angry left-wing mob.’

Trumps aggressive tone makes school. It’s raining complaints on racist propaganda and attempts at manipulation of the results. Candidates to fight (literally!) to a microphone, canvassers receive blows on the street. On social media, it seems as if every moment a new civil war may break out, and even in the kwaliteitspers, the question of whether such a thing is conceivable.

Everyone frustrated

How is it so far? The sociologist Arlie Russell Hochschild described in Strangers In Their Own Country (2016) how white voters from the lower middle class are aliens feel in their own country, and therefore their eggs in the basket of Donald Trump. When elected was, called one of her buddies her: “Now you can feel for yourself how it is.” After not even two years is the feelings of powerlessness and alienation with opponents of Trump is already almost as large (44 %) and his supporters (47 %). Among women and racial minorities, it is extra strong, but it can also happen anywhere, in impoverished areas but also in affluent. Everyone is frustrated by the other: yet, one thing which the Americans again.

In this toxic climate, thrive on hate mongers better than bridge builders. The Republican party is the last shred of fairness and ethics a few years ago in strong water, but also the Democrats now have the gloves pulled out. In 2016, garnered Michelle Obama still in applause with its call to dignity: ‘When they go low, we go high.’ But street fighter Trump won, affords as president, the worst sayings, and deeds, and yet it remains popular with his supporters. And so Democrats are increasingly the opinions of people like Michael Avenatti, a mediageile lawyer who dreams of the presidency: “If she’s playing dirty, then we play it even dirtier.’ Recently he challenged Trumps son Donald jr. to a fight in the ring. A frats a tafelspringer, but it seems that also the leadership more and more opting to fire with fire to fight. The pressure of the young and fanatical left wing of the party forces it to do so. Even Hillary Clinton said on CNN: “not Until we the midterms have won, we are back to good manners and ways of thinking. Until then, we have as the Republicans think, but one thing respect: strength.”

That only the law of the strongest counts, was the appointment of judge Brent Kavanaugh in the Senate. After weeks of unsavory contention, took the plunge in a mood that almost perfectly according to party lines ran. It is no longer about the truth, it’s going to win.

Saturday, read in dS Weekblad more about the increasing polarization in the US. ‘I do not know who my parents have voted. As for Trump is, how can I love them?’