Harm at Natuurpunt, the director general dismissed


Hommeles bij Natuurpunt, algemeen directeur ontslagen

Chris Steenwegen.

At Natuurpunt, the board of directors has decided to general manager Chris Steenwegen to dismiss, a few days previously financial director Lina Osselaer itself left. At the base are different opinions about strategy and vision between the council and the executive board.

“The last couple of years, Natuurpunt has grown exponentially, not only in membership but also financially’,” said Hendrik Moeremans. ‘Between the board of directors and the executive board there was a conflict about the strategy and vision.’

The chairman of the board of directors, Lieven De Schamphelaere, himself speaks of his ‘deep appreciation’ for Steenwegen, but also makes mention of a ‘breach of trust’.

‘“Natuurpunt is made up of a strong professional framework, by Chris Steenwegen was led, but on the other hand, also from a large network of volunteers, that the individuality of Natuurpunt. Between those two, there is tension arise.’

The staff itself – at Natuurpunt are about 480 people in service – responds in agony on the decision of the board of directors, says Koen Grolus, representative of ACV in the works council. Last Tuesday, after the financial director Osselaer was already boarding, had the staff a call was made to the board of directors to all parties to the table to sit down. “But we have no answer on had.”

According to Grolus ‘was and is’ the mutual understanding between the staff and Steenwegen very good. ‘We want the board of directors with the decision review. We have asked for that on the agenda of the next meeting on Tuesday, ” he says. “If the board of directors fails to do so, then advise us on further action.’

A strike belongs to the possibilities.