“Great atonement” seems to be Bart De Wever serious


‘Grote verzoening’ lijkt Bart De Wever menens

The Weaver watch on election night with a few close friends the incoming results.

Only Wednesday follows a new round of the Antwerp formation. The cards are difficult, both the N-VA as a Green have a cooling-off period is needed.

Those who still doubted, or Bart De Wever serious about his coalition on the left to broaden, you think after viewing Jambers in the politics may be different. “It is time for reconciliation. We …

Those who still doubted, or Bart De Wever serious about his coalition on the left to broaden, you think after viewing Jambers in the politics may be different. “It is time for reconciliation. We can not go against the left’, he looks at the favorable figures for his party and for Green. “I’m so tired of that war every day. Actually, we would now need to go beyond.’ He speaks not in the camera. The other people present in the so-called War Room on the eighth floor, of the Van der Valk Hotel in Borgerhout hear it in Cologne thunders.

Jambers followed The Weaver on election day. The images are remarkable. Of course, had The Weaver the last word when the program was broadcast (VTM). Precisely why can the message be hard, though, something that the various parties after their first visit to the formateur suspected, but some of them are not explicitly declared.

That was even clearer when The Weaver on the district of Borgerhout spoke. ‘The transition is very busy’ he said, referring to the colored population. Without pacification would the N-VA there about six years, again the short end of the draw. The Weaver has no meaning and then again against a popular front to fight. For the president the N-VA, this time in the district administration. There can be no re-with ‘the communists’ of the LABOUR party is controlled.

Cooling-off period
During the broadcast, let the burgomaster of Antwerp, several times means that he is a re-release of his coalition to tight. “Imagine that we, the CD&V and Open VLD, get, still going to the superkrap. That is then shivering and trembling’, he thinks back to a number of conflicts of recent years. “And loyal, they are also not been … on the aldermen after, so prompt he.

The Weaver invited already four parties for a new round. That is only scheduled for next Wednesday. A full week between the completion of a first round and the start of a second remains remarkably long. It points to the need for a cooling-off period. Both the N-VA as a Green state for a very difficult exercise. The mayor wants to Wouter Van Besien enough time to his constituency to consult.

In terms of mobility and quality of life is an agreement for the grab. The Weaver made during the last week of the campaign a strong approach at this point. But for diversity are the cards very difficult. The headscarf became an important symbol. For The Weaver is a ban, the evidence that the Flemish identity (equality of man and woman) on her stripes. Green made the lifting of that prohibition a breaking point, and drew so many new voters.
SP.A loser

A coalition of N-VA/Green must especially resistance to fear from the green supporters. A coalition of N-VA/SP.A (possibly with CD&V or Open VLD) will get back resistance from the N-VA supporters. Six years ago flickered, The Weaver, Patrick Janssens from the city hall, the socialists through the back door again, bringing remains a difficult exercise. Although the programs of the N-VA and the SP.A closer to each other, at no time spoke kopvrouw Jinnih Beels breakpoints. Also the future havenpolitiek can be a headsman. Green and the Antwerp havenbazen, there is a lot of difference (eg. implantation Saeftinghedok).

While Van turns in one direction or another, The Weaver is the time for a risk assessment. If Green and the SP.A weight loss, than shoot only Open VLD and CD&V about. Apart from the limited number of seats will be that their sheet of expensive sell. Sure CD&V has enough of six years by the hand walk. The party wants to have a own face in the coalition, otherwise at the next election all the way off the light. That reinforces the need for ‘grand reconciliation’.

Image will
During the broadcast of Jambers in politics, we see how The Weaver is a difficult period expected. He compares it to sailing through a dense fog, ‘une navigation à vue’. He suggests the link with national politics, regional and federal elections of may next year. It implies that the introduction of Green, or the SP.A in the coalition can have an impact on the composition of the Flemish or federal government, at least if the mathematical.

Jambers in the politics, suggested that Antwerp and the ‘goudrand’ pertaining to the elections the N-VA have been saved. Initially showed The Weaver is gloomy about the first electoral results. But the retention of the 23 seats and the fact that there is in Antwerp not a coalition without N-VA possible, did the evening times.