Fourniret face with ex-wife


Fourniret geconfronteerd met ex-vrouw

Michel Fourniret.

The French serial killer Michel Fourniret will be Friday at the magistrate with his former wife Monique Olivier face. That has her lawyer announced. The confrontation would be viewed in the context of the investigation of a still unsolved disappearance.

Michel Fourniret, the Monster of the Ardennes”, is the linchpin in an investigation of French justice to the disappearance of two girls, Joanna Parrish and Marie-Angèle Domèce. Recently there are this regard, the excavations in the Yonne done.

The confrontation with his ex-wife Monique Olivier would, according to French media are also linked with the disappearance of Domèce in 1988. It is the first confrontation between the former couple in eleven years, says the lawyer of Olivier, master Richard Delgenes.

Fourniret is a lifetime imprisonment for kidnapping, rape and murder of seven girls and women, among whom the Belgian Elisabeth Brichet (12).