Four injured in crash of helicopter on French aircraft carrier


Vier gewonden bij crash helikopter op Frans vliegdekschip

The Dixmude on an archive view.

Four sailors have Wednesday night in the North sea injuries sustained when a helicopter crashed on the amphibious transport ship Dixmude of the French navy. One of them was seriously wounded, discharged.

The helicopter crashed on the ship Dixmude when that is located 70 nautical miles (roughly 130 km) off the coast of Dunkirk was. The device, a Caïman of the 1st regiment of attack helicopters, ‘rose just for a training flight’.

The occupants were unharmed out of the helicopter steps, but four sailors on the bridge were at work, were injured. One of them is really. He was given first aid on board and was then transferred to the military hospital of Percy, near Paris. An investigation was initiated.

The 199-metre long amphibious transport ship with a capacity of 22,000 tons of 700 men, twenty helicopters, landing crafts, tanks, and more than sixty vehicles to transport.