Every vote counts indeed


Elke stem telt wel degelijk

It is a huge cliché: every vote counts. And it was correct. In many municipalities was a handful of votes is enough to result to overturn.

One vote can the election result be determined? Yes. In Essen it was that last Sunday the case. As one voter not for the N-VA but for CD&V had voted, would that last party a seat extra won. Both parties would have an equal stemmenaantal have had. Then determines the Kiesdecreet that the seat goes to the candidate with the most votes – in this case, the candidate of CD&V.

And not only in Essen was particularly exciting. In many Flemish municipalities, the allocation of seats on a millimeterspurt. In Merelbeke came the greens five votes short. As that of the N-VA were worth even two votes for an additional seat to rijven. In Laarne stranded Open VLD on seven votes of an absolute majority, again on the assumption that the votes of the nearest competitor for the last seat came.

Also in Wemmel, was a little: as possible, determined, barely 19 votes who the burgemeesterssjerp, and or the faciliteitengemeente becomes unmanageable.
In Koekelare, Zonhoven, and Yet had respectively 10, 14 and 15 shifting votes of an absolute majority can break. In Maarkedal, Huldenberg and Wachtebeke was the other way around: less than twenty votes had the largest party an absolute majority and can cause.

That is a photo finish, however, occurs more frequently, refutes the idea that voting doesn’t matter, because the result is not influenced by a few votes. “Definitely there”, says Herwig Reynaert, professor of Political Science at the university of Ghent. “And then we have not even talked about the votes that determine who should serve on the city council or the schepencollege.’

Green wants recount
The small differences also show that the votes are carefully counted. Certainly on paper was put to the vote, there can be debate.

That is already the case in Bilzen. There came Green five votes short for an extra seat. Piquant detail: in that case, the current coalition is no longer a majority. The party will be next week to the Council for Verkiezingsbetwistingen ask to be a part of the votes to recount. According to Green team leader Johan Nationals, there are notable differences between the quoted number of stembrieven at departure on the electoral council and the number of upon arrival in the telbureau. “I’m not saying that there is deliberate irregularities were, but there are definitely sloppy happened.” Also in 2012, it was very tight, in Bilzen. The ruling majority came when a mere six votes short to be able to continue.

For now, there is no other question to recount to the Council for Verkiezingsbetwistingen arrived. That the rash just is, is not a sufficient reason to let the recount. There must also be a question of irregularities