Dutch billionaire wants, stores, buy


Nederlandse miljardair wil Hema-winkels kopen

Marcel Debates

The Dutch entrepreneur Marcel Debates on the point with his investment company, Ramphastos Investments, the retail chain Hema to take over the British Lion Capital.

The British owner of the stores was already searching a while for a buyer. Hema is struggling with a high debt burden and the management was embroiled in a legal dispute with the franchisees, on the inkomstenverdeling from online sales. The agreement with Marcel Debates puts an end to that litigation.

Hema was founded in 1926 and had at the end of last year to 735 stores in the property. But the chain has struggled. Last year, a loss of 30.9 million euros.


The Dutch shops are good for 75 percent of sales, which in Belgium and Luxembourg for 12 percent. In our country, employs almost 900 people for Hema. The chain invested last year in a new, larger shop in Brussels. The establishment of the Monnaie replaced in the Nieuwstraat.

Also in the coming years wants to Hema, with the money of Ramphastos, the liabilities decrease and the investments go up, including in our country.

Who is Marcel Debates?

Marcel Debates, is one of the richest entrepreneurs of the Netherlands. The billionaire made his fortune with the sale of the telecommunications company Telfort, that he for just 80 million euros had bought.

Since that sale is Debates a BN, a well-Known Dutchman, who repeatedly is in the news with his amorous conquests. So he had a relationship with actress Tatjana Simic (Flodder) and with the 26-year younger singer Hind Laroussi.

He is known to be in to steps into unknown or unprofitable companies, try to make them better, and then profit by selling.