Construction of the Sagrada Familia after 136 years, no longer illegal


Constructie Sagrada Familia na 136 jaar niet langer illegaal

The Sagrada Familia and the many construction cranes

It is one of the most famous attractions of Barcelona and one of the most ingenious projects of Gaudi. But until now, the Sagrada Familia is not officially.

To the Sagrada Familia, the still unfinished basilica by Antoni Gaudi (1852-1926), is already more than a hundred years old, built without a permit. Gaudi was a building permit for its initial design, but on subsequent requests for the plans to change, the authorities have never responded. The building is also not included in the cadastre of the city.

That situation is now rectified, thanks to ‘a historic agreement’, said mayor of Barcelona Ada Colau to the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia.

The builders and the city council have in 2015, negotiations started up to the state to regulate. The next ten years, 36 million euros of the revenues of the basilica to be invested in better public transport and infrastructure. In return for the construction the necessary permits from the city council.

The basilica receives each year, 4.5 million visitors. The structure would be in 2026 should be ready, exactly one hundred years after the death of Gaudi.